Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Week 65

What's worse than having chicken pox in the mission? Having chicken pox twice in the mission.. It has come back with a vengeance. I have been kind of miserable but God is good because after 3 days in the house with chicken pox we were able to have a baptism!! Hyppolite was baptized Saturday and it was the best!! 
I saw God´s hand in the baptism of Hyppolite so much because Hyppolite was already baptized as a kid in the catholic church and didn't see the need to be baptized again. We invited him time and time again to ask if the church was true and he always said he wasn't receiving answers.
We went over on Monday ready to give up when he said, "Can this Saturday be my baptism? I prayed and I know it's true" I almost cried...haha I know as well that this church is true and I am so thankful to be here teaching this knowledge to others. 
Please pray for me that I can get better so I can leave the dang house. I have read every Liahona from 1890 to now..haha
I love you all!! 
Hermana Beardall
Hyppolite's baptism


Week 64

This week I learned so much just like every week in the mission. I always think I know enough and then I have another week and God teaches me even more. This week I learned about attitude. One day I was having a crappy attitude if I am being honest, I was looking for the bad in everything and was thinking, "What else can go wrong?" Then my companion without even knowing what I was feeling left me a quote in my agenda.

"We can't direct the winds but we can adjust the sails. For maximum happiness, peace, and contentment, may we choose a positive attitude."-Thomas S Monson
That really made me take a step back and think. I made a goal to be way more positive, think better of others, etc. 
So when some crusty old man came and yelled at me saying I was a dirty north American who is destroying the world, I thought of his life and how much he must be suffering. 
When I burned my last two pieces of bread, I just thought how blessed I am to still have a little oatmeal left...haha
No really though I am no saint but this helped me so much this week and I know it will help me the rest of my life because this life is hard. But I promise that it's all how we look at things.
Funny quote for the week from my companion..
"Hey Hermana Llanera, what are some of the commandments?"
Don't love a man that doesn't love you.." hahahaha
I love my companions and all the experiences I have been having in the mission.
Here's to 3 more months of memories and learning experiences-
Hermana Beardall 
Hermana Llanera

Llo Lleo with Hermana Gonsalves

My daughters

Get together at the church