Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Week 31

My daughter officially arrived and she is sooo cute! She is 22, from Colombia, and is about 4 pounds soaking wet. She is amazing and is definitely training me.
We have had so much happen this week, trials and triumphs. We had a really neat experience this week. We were contacting one morning in the streets when we found two women talking. We approached them and began talking to them as well. One of the women was super spooky but I didn't really think anything of it. She asked if we wanted to stop by her house and share a message with her and we were stoked. No one ever invites us to their house..haha  As we approached her house, my stomach sunk and I felt super sick. She had a bunch of candles lit inside her house and it was super dark. She started saying stuff about working with spirits as we were entering her house. But when we tried to enter her house, something literally stopped us. It felt like a hand smacked me in the chest that stopped us from entering. I quickly told her we had another appointment and we ran. First time I have run in awhile...hahaha but really it was something I can't really describe. I left this experience knowing you can't trust everyone, especially witch ladies. But also that the Holy Ghost is so powerful! I can never deny what I felt that day. That night the elders came over and gave us blessings because we were pretty shaken up and I got such a reassuring testimony of the Priesthood as well. I love the Priesthood!! 
I am so grateful for the opportunity to be in Los Heroes training, walking, and preaching the word. I wouldn't trade it for the world.
I love you all and ask for your prayers this week.
Hermana Beardall

A quote that gets me through my weeks.
"You keep walking, you keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead." Jeffrey R. Holland
Hermana Bedoya from Colombia


Lorena-Recently re-activated. I love her!


 My Roomates
President and Sister Woodward

Sol Diestra
Snow on the Andes

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 30

Today I lost my companions Hermana Grover and Hermana Reina and it was so dang hard.. I am now going to be training and am so scared but so excited. My zone leaders called me last night and they said,  "Congrats Hermana Beardall. You are going to be a mother in the mission! You are training!!"  I started crying so hard and I guess I was talking in my sleep last night saying, "I don't want children. I am not ready to be a mother." haha I know this will be so hard but I know God will be with me every step of the way.

I had a blast with Hermana Grover the past 6 weeks and am so glad I found a friend for life. She taught me so much and I am forever grateful for her. I know this is super short and that you are unhappy with my already short emails, but I want you to know that I have a testimony of the Atonement and of the divine love Jesus has for each of us. I know I am so inadequate to be a missionary for him and especially now as a trainer. But I am so grateful He understands how I feel and is there for me always. He is there for all of you too! I know you all have different trials and that life is super hard sometimes. But turn to Him and He will turn to you and never leave you. I love this gospel and I love sharing it with others. I thought I was happy before.. I had no idea what happiness was. I love you. SO MUCH. 
Have an amazing week!
My favorite family

Amanda and Matilda

Saying goodbye
Ignore the graffiti but I love this country and
if Donald wins as president I am returning!
I love Hermana Grover!

Girls of Rinconada

Matching scarves

Week 29

I cannot believe we are in July right now. Time is going so fast this transfer. I am in week 2 with my trio and we are having a blast.

4th of July we didn't have P-day and it was so rough. The member who was supposed to give us lunch cancelled on us so we bought completos.. I hate hotdogs... and they were bad or something so we all had stomach problems. Everyone rejected us. We were tired. We were thinking of all of you watching fireworks back at home and eating good food. It was just a sad day to be honest. So we came home at the end of the day and made pancakes and talked about freedom. It was so fun.
President Woodward and his wife made it and I met them yesterday, they are so great! I am super excited to finish my mission with them. 
This week we found a family that pretty much changed my life. They are going through so much and have been looking for a "refuge from the storm"- They said missionaries passed by a year ago and they turned them down but felt horrible ever since. The mom said if she ever saw us again she promised not to turn us down again. God is so aware of us because we found them again. I have so much love for the people here and think I am going to bring them all home with me. I know I say this a lot... But I love the mission with all my heart. Love you all.
H Beardall

4th of July


President and Sister Woodward


My Zone

Week 28

This week was easily one of the craziest weeks of my mission life. I am just going to sum it up in bullet points. 

1. I literally have never been so cold in my life as I am here. Sometimes I am on the legit verge of crying. .haha But don't worry because all of the members and investigators got us covered. This week we were given a random assortment of coats, gloves, beanies, and we bought some mighty fine walking boots. Pictures of all of this below.
2. CHILE WON THE COPA AMERICA. Literally listened to drunk men scream Vive Chile all night long so that was good. But seriously I am obsessed with this country. A member bought Grover and I some sick beanies for the game and we may have gone a little extreme.. Refer to pics as well.
3. Saturday we were walking from house to house trying to find people to teach and realized we were literally surrounded by Jehovah Witnesses. We were competing against 50 of them I swear. The church is true..
4. Monday we had our farewell for President and it was so sad. I am going to miss him so much. While we were there he did surprise transfers and now I have two companions. Yeah he's super brave.. My new comp is Hermana Reina from Delaware. She's been out 3 months and is so great. Now that we are a trio in charge of 3 sectors we are going to have cualquier miracle. I am super excited!
I seriously love the mission.. I am never going to forget eating cereal on the couch with my comps at 10 at night. Or crying/laughing in the rain. Or helping many people come closer to Christ. I love my job so much.
Hermana Beard(my new nickname with my companions)
Amanda & Matilda

Falling out of bed

(An investigator)
My new hat

My new companion
Hermana Reina

My Zone

My Roomates! 

Our coats from our ward.

Our new winter boots 

Copa America!!!! Viva la Chile!

Out tracting 

See you in a few!