Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 29

I cannot believe we are in July right now. Time is going so fast this transfer. I am in week 2 with my trio and we are having a blast.

4th of July we didn't have P-day and it was so rough. The member who was supposed to give us lunch cancelled on us so we bought completos.. I hate hotdogs... and they were bad or something so we all had stomach problems. Everyone rejected us. We were tired. We were thinking of all of you watching fireworks back at home and eating good food. It was just a sad day to be honest. So we came home at the end of the day and made pancakes and talked about freedom. It was so fun.
President Woodward and his wife made it and I met them yesterday, they are so great! I am super excited to finish my mission with them. 
This week we found a family that pretty much changed my life. They are going through so much and have been looking for a "refuge from the storm"- They said missionaries passed by a year ago and they turned them down but felt horrible ever since. The mom said if she ever saw us again she promised not to turn us down again. God is so aware of us because we found them again. I have so much love for the people here and think I am going to bring them all home with me. I know I say this a lot... But I love the mission with all my heart. Love you all.
H Beardall

4th of July


President and Sister Woodward


My Zone

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