Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Week 25-MAIPU!

Wowzers, where do I start? So I am officially here living in Maipu, Los Heroes, and it is beautiful! Literally I now live in one of the richest parts of the city and its pretty tough. I have been extremely humbled to say the least. But I am overwhelmed with the amount of love I have for yet another ward. It was so hard to leave Parque O Higgins and it is going to be so hard to leave here. I don't know how I am going to leave Chile... 
I am now with Hermana Grover and we are having a blast in white wash. We have ran into a few people who hate the United States, hardly anyone can understand us, and we get shut down at every door... But we just laugh and keep going. Our saying is, "Whenever someone slams the door in our face, we are only getting close to the chosen ones." I know I am not here to serve in a certain place but to serve in place of the Savior. I am extremely grateful for my companion, my sector, and the Savior who hasn't left my side. 
I am SO happy to be here and am freaking out that I only have a year left. I still have so much to do.. Please pray for us this week!
Oh, and I would just like to apologize to my friends. If I would have known that you were all going to get married while I was gone, I would have left you a present or something... haha!
Last night with Hermana Galeano-yes I cried like a baby.
Hermana Grover and I

At a member's house with their new puppy!


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