Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 27

Week 4 with H Grover and the time is flying by. I love the mission so much. I have never hurt so much as I have in the mission, but I have also never been so happy. If I am being completely honest, the mission is like 95% of rejection, homesickness, frustration, stress, and sadness. But the other 5% of pure joy seems to make up for all of it. That 5% of pure joy looks over every difficulty. When I look back at the last 6 months of my mission, I don’t remember the hard times. Of course I remember I have had hard times, but I don’t remember the details. What I do remember is the miracles. I remember watching people I taught be baptized. I remember those that gave up bad habits to live a better life. I remember the times I was protected, the times I was comforted, the times I literally felt angels with me. The times I laughed until 2 in the morning with Hermana Grover. I am so honored to be a representative of Jesus Christ in Maipu Chile. 

This week we walked so much and were having a few difficulties along the way. We had some stupid dog chase after us, some man told us that Americans are destroying the world, and after lunch one day we didn’t feel too hot and desperately searched for bathrooms all day. But we laughed the whole week and just made the best of it. I think that’s the biggest thing I will take away from the mission. Life isn’t all that great sometimes, but make the best of it. Just laugh and then eat a Reese's. That’s what we do and it seems to be working pretty well. 

Yo se con todo mi corazon que este es la iglesia de Jesucristo. Yo se este porque Dios confia en jovenes para predicar su palabra. Yo se este porque yo estoy la mas feliz ahora que en cualquier otro momento en mi vida. Yo se que las familias pueden ser eternas y yo estoy tan agradecida por mi familia eternal y por las familias que yo conozco en la mision. Tenemos un hermano, JesuCristo, que murio para nuestras pecados y El esta con nosotros siempre. 

Nos vemos.
Hermana Beardall

(I 'google translated' the end of her email and this is what I came up with):

I know with all my heart that this is the Church of Jesus Christ. I know this because Heavenly Father relies on young to preach his word. I know this because I am more happy now that at any other time in my life. I know that families may be eternal and I am so thankful for my eternal family and the families that I know in the mission. We have a brother, Jesus Christ, died for our sins and he is with us always.

See you.
Hermana Beardall

Some people ask how one may live alone in another country speaking another language while only being 19 years old.. This is how we do it. (We bought an entire box of these bad boys for 4 luca)

Best 50 cents I have ever spent
Viva la Chile!

Two girls from the 480 freezing to death

I have never been so cold in my entire life!

Las Hermanas de Maipu

Maipu is pretty dang cute!

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