Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 44

This week was nuts. To sum up a few things that happened. 
Friday we ran out of matches and were freaking out because nothing works here if you don't start it with a match. So we left the house at 7 am in search for a match and NO ONE helped us. We came back to the house pretty discouraged thinking of cold showers and no breakfast when my companion had the brilliant idea of putting paper in the microwave to start a fire. I don't know why I went a long with it because its something the elders do, not hermanas. But we put a pile of paper in the microwave and waited til it exploded to start the shower and stove. Our house was filled with smoke and everything smelled like campfire for a good two days but you've gotta do what you've gotta do. 
I am learning all about Pokemon thanks to Hermana Alcantara. Sometimes I wake up to her saying,"pika pika pikachu" She knows every character monster guy and has a collection going on. 
We bought pizza to celebrate her 3 months in the mish and my 10 MONTHS. 
It poured this whole weekend and no one let us in but I am proud to say we didn't cry. hahaha 

It was a roller coaster of a week filled with ups and downs but I really only remember the ups looking back on the week. I love the mission! I am so grateful to be here and experience miracles and work til my clock runs out. I know we all have a purpose here and that we are all loved by our Father in Heaven. Have a great week!


 Hermana Gonsalves
Hermana Alcantara

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My new poncho!

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