Sunday, November 6, 2016

Week 46

This week Agustina was baptized!! 
The family of Agustina were less-active and said that they watched us walk up and down their street but never had the courage to stop us and talk to us. One day we were kind of bummed after an appointment with an investigator fell through and walked past Agustinas house when her mom left and shouted, "Hermanas, come here" Long story short we began talking to her family and invited her family to come to church with us that Sunday. They came for 2 months and Agustina got baptized yesterday. I know God has a plan for each of us and will take us by the hand and lead us if we let Him. I know families can be together now more than ever and just love the Alvarez family. 
This week I got to leave another part of Maipu to receive training from another leader Hermana Morrell. We were 8 Hermanas in the apartment from all over the world and it made me realize how much I love the mission. I am so excited for what the next 7 months brings.
Hermana Beardall
Agustina's baptism
STL Training in the City

 Hermana Morrell from Elk Ridge
 Bolivia, Arizona, Bolivia, Utah


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