Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 55

I cannot believe we are in 2017! I really think 2016 was the fastest year of my life! 
To catch you up on things.. I am now training an Hermana from the Philippines. She's the very first missionary from the Philippines in our mission so she's a pretty big deal. She speaks Tagalog and knows some English so sometimes we have a difficulty speaking. Yesterday we were teaching 7 Haitians and I just started dying laughing because the Haitians speak Creole, my companion speaks Tagalog, and of course I speak English and we were all trying to speak Spanish together and I am pretty sure they didn't understand a single thing because I sure didn't. But the Spirit was present so that was good. haha 
Being with Hermana Llanera has really taken me back to my first week in the mission field. I remember how I felt not understanding anything and just feeling super lonely and lost. And now looking back I am realizing how grateful I am that the first of my mission was so hard. My first few months had to be hard so that a year later when I was training Hermana Llanera I would understand how she feels. I know now more than ever that God is very aware of us. He knows what trials we need in order to progress in this life and help others progress. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to train again because I know I have so much to learn still. God really is aware of us and will never leave us. 
Have an amazing new year!
Hermana Beardall
Saying goodbye to Hermana Henriquez
Hermana Llanera

Happy New Year!

Meet my new roommate - HERMANA GROVER!

 I got to go to Maipu!!!
Juaqina and Janson 

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