Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week 16

This week was crazy good! (Because I get to teach Gods children all day, every day and especially because I was able to watch General Conference.) I was completely overwhelmed with love this weekend as I watched Conference. Love for the prophet and his apostles, love for this gospel and most importantly love for my Savior. I also was overwhelmed with love for the people of Chile. Many don’t have a way to watch Conference at home so almost everyone comes to the stake center to watch it. During the break no one goes home because not many have cars so we all ate lunch in classrooms together as families. I loved it! The people here are so cute! I love how dedicated they are to this gospel. This week I also got to go to Cerro Santa Lucia which is some famous place here in Santiago. I can’t tell you why its famous but it was cool. haha I love this city! Smog, millions of Catholics, Spanish and all. The biggest thing I have learned on the mission is patience. Patience with my investigators obviously and with my companion. But mostly with patience to wait for blessings. I am a firm believer that blessings will come to those who wait….. WITH FAITH.
I love you all. Have an amazing week.
Hermana B

 General Conference
 Lunch with members between sessions
Cerro Santa Lucia on P-day


Packages from home for me and  Hermana Galeano.


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