Friday, August 12, 2016

Week 34

I don't have much to say this week, sorry. But I do just want to express my gratitude for this gospel and the opportunity I have to be here. The other day we were in a lesson with some investigators and they started drilling us on what we can do as missionaries.
So when you go home do you guys watch TV?
We don't have a TV.
Oh so you listen to the radio? 
We don't have that either.
But do you have boyfriends?
Can you wear pants?
Then they continued to say, "You have more rules than the nuns here." hahahaha
Truer words have never been spoken.
Sometimes all the rules we have are hard and "constraining" but when I look back at the last 8 months, I realize how blessed and SAFE I have been. I have walked 250ish nights here in Santiago in some sketchy places and not once has anything happened to me. I have not been harmed because I have been obedient. And that's probably the biggest thing I will take away from the mission. That with obedience comes safety (spiritual and physical).
Changed houses this week to be closer to our sector and it has been an adventure I tell you. It was the elders house for 15 years and we are the first Hermanas to live in it. If that gives you any idea what we are dealing with. But I am grateful I have a house...haha love you all! 
Cool building in Santiago

 Visiting with members.

Our new house

Joaquina let us use her polaroid. :)
Beautiful sunset!

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