Saturday, August 27, 2016

Week 36

I officially finished my 1st cambio with mi hija and it flew by! I literally just met her yesterday. This last 6 weeks I have learned to trust in God more than ever before in my life. It was a great learning experience. I trained, I got a new mission president, got a "new" house, and had a lot of other trials along the way. But I also had so many triumphs. I got to see two of my closest friends get baptized, I saw investigators stop smoking. Families come to church for the first time. And I even saw people pray for the first time while sobbing. I have truly loved this cambio in Los Heroes. I am super pumped to have another cambio here with Hermana Bedoya. 
This last Friday I got to go to the temple with Hermana Bedoya and all the other trainers. I am so in love with the temple. I wish I could live there.  Afterwards we were walking around outside and I got to see Hermana Lively AGAIN. I have seen her 3 times in my mission and it has been such a blessing.
Another story, almost every night we have to take a collectivo home because our sector is gigantic. (collectivo=taxi)   We had like 15 minutes until we needed to be home and I was freaking out because I am crazy when it comes to obedience. We finally waved a taxi down and when he pulled up I just about died. He had two nuns inside and said, "Jump in. This taxi is being blessed" So we drove around the town with 2 nuns and it was hilarious. I asked for a selfie because it was kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity. 
I am sooooo grateful for this gospel. And I am even more grateful that I have the opportunity to share it with people all day.(well some parts of the day. Most of the times we are outside just waiting for people to let us in. haha) 
This week a man looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Why don't you just go back to your own country and leave us Chileans alone." I may have prayed not to harm him. Or the woman who said, "Get off my property. I have no interest in listening to you." 
But it's just a testimony builder to me that people are going to hate and Satan is working his tail off to bring this church down. 
The hills are alive.......

Family Moena

Hermana Bedoya

My Zone Olimpo
Temple Trip & Hermana Lively!!!!


 We got matching headbands-Twinning

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