Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 73

Sandra and Benjamin were baptized!
Sandra and her 3 sons have listened to the missionaries for 3 years now and last year the two younger boys were baptized but quickly inactivated. Since I have been here in Llo Lleo I have had the amazing opportunity to get to know this family and I was able to see the two younger boys return to church and last Friday I got to see Sandra and Benjamin get baptized. God has led me to some of the most amazing families I have ever met and that have changed my life forever. 
I know I say this every week and I am sure you're all sick of hearing this. But I love love love my mission. I love what its teaching me. Yesterday Francisco received the Priesthood and bore his testimony and I just love that kid. I may have helped them a little bit but they have helped me much more. 
I have never been so happy.
Have an amazing week and on the 12th, please feel free to send a happy birthday message to my girl EMILY BEARDALL. 
love you.
xoxo Hermana Beardall



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