Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 74

This week... rain
We received way too much rain this week. We worked a ton and entered house after house hearing people´s stories and their problems they are having and it has been hard mentally. We have NO  idea how blessed we are. On Friday I was feeling low knowing that so many of my investigators were suffering and I couldn't do much for them when my district leader asked us if we wanted a blessing(answer to my prayer #1)
He gave me such a sweet blessing and blessed me to know how happy God is with me here in Chile(answer to prayer #2) I have been wanting to know my whole mission if God was truly happy with my service and that blessing helped me so so much. 
Like I say every week, God lives and He knows us. I have never been so sure of anything. 
Yesterday talking to you in skype made me the happiest girl alive because I realized I sacrificed a year and a half being with you guys to help other families and I saw how much God has been blessing my family. Families are eternal.
I sure love you all. Be good. Read your scriptures.
Hermana Beardall 


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