Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 13

Another week has come and gone. The mission is crazy honestly. I have never been so happy, so frustrated, & so tired, all at the same time. We have so many investigators who are so close to baptism but little things are keeping them from it. I have prayed my heart out this week and ask you all to pray for our success and other missionaries’ success as well. My companion and I have realized the key to success is service. When we serve others we naturally begin to love them. When we love them we want them to be happy. And nothing brings more happiness than this gospel, am I right?? I love this gospel! This week as we were walking around in the heat and people were rejecting us left and right, my companion started to sing primary songs to cheer us up. Super nerdy I know. haha But I have found so much comfort in these words. Lead me, guide me, walk beside me. Heavenly Father are you really there? And do you hear and answer every child’s prayer? 
This week a man in the ward asked me how I was doing with learning Castellano and I told him I only knew Spanish and English. He started dying laughing and said Spanish is for people in Spain. In South America, its Castellano. The whole ward teases me about it now. haha Yesterday we had a conference live from Salt Lake City with all of Chile. Russell. M. Nelson gave a 20 minute talk IN SPANISH. I cried the whole time because his Spanish wasn’t all that great. He sounded super gringo, he messed up a lot, and you couldn’t understand him sometimes. But I know every person that watched this conference felt the spirit. This gave me comfort that yeah I sound super gringa when I speak. I use the wrong words at times. And people may not always understand me. But I hope they feel the Spirit as I simply testify of Christ. I hope you all know you are loved and I hope you have an amazing week.
Mosiah 23:10. 
After much tribulation
The Lord did hear my cries
and did answer my prayers
and has made me an instrument
in his hands in bringing so many of you to 
a knowledge of his truth
Hermana Beardall
Advice for all of you.



Once con miembros
Javier-an investigator
Juan Carlos-an investigator
Kimberli de Haiti-an investigator
 Emilio and his family-another investigator
Hermana Galeanos Birthday!
Melani with the candy bracelet you sent me mom.

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